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Dave Baron provides alternative dispute
resolution services in addition to litigation

When a business dispute has reached the point where it seems no suitable resolution can be reached between the parties, it often takes a third party to look at the situation objectively. Through an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) process outside of the courtroom, through mediation or arbitration, businesses can avoid expensive and time-consuming litigation.

ADR not only saves your Palm Springs business time and money, but also allows for much more flexibility in solving your problem. Our attorneys specializing in mediation and arbitration have a keen understanding of the technicalities and economics of every business dispute. Our Palm Springs business litigation law firm has attorneys experienced in finding creative solutions to tough business problems based on our practical business and litigation experience and mediation training and certification.


Mediation doesn’t declare winners or losers. Instead, it helps adversaries find a way to resolve a dispute through negotiation. As mediators, we work with parties as neutrals in a voluntary, confidential and cooperative atmosphere. We impose no solutions, but help the parties to understand the other participant’s points of view. We work with the parties sometimes in joint sessions and sometimes in private sessions, or caucuses.

As the parties in mediation find the issues narrowing and their own core objectives coming into focus, they can very often craft their own mutually satisfactory resolution, often in ways that no trial judge could ever award.


If the parties prefer, members of our alternative dispute resolution group also serve as arbitrators to render binding awards in most areas subject to adjudication. We can also represent our own clients as advocates in arbitration.

Unlike mediation, arbitration results in a decision binding upon the parties, but can offer a faster and less expensive alternative to public litigation. Moreover, binding arbitration is typically not subject to appeal, so the parties stand to benefit further from the finality of the process.

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