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January 2019 will bring several new employment laws that will affect your business:

LEAVES OF ABSENCE AND BENEFITS Paid Family Leave Lactation Accommodation HIRING PRACTICES Salary History Criminal Background Checks DISCRIMINATION, HARASSMENT AND RETALIATION PROTECTIONS Harassment – Defamation

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What is Business Law?

Business law, also known as commercial law or mercantile law, is the law that governs business practices between individuals and commercial matters. The team of

Posted in Business Litigation

What is Bankruptcy Law?

The focus of bankruptcy laws is to help people solve and repay their debts after incurring substantial losses. There were bankruptcy laws in the US

Posted in Banking Law

What is Appellate Law Practice?

A trial may not be the end of a case, and one or both parties may want to appeal a part or the full trial

Posted in Appellate Law

Recent Trust Litigation Victory For SBEMP: Co-Trustee Removed For Violations of Fiduciary Duties

Trust Case Summary: As a result of the intervention of SBEMP, a recent court decision ordered a co-trustee in violation of fiduciary duties be removed

Posted in Trust, Trust and Estate Law, Trust and Estates, Trusts and Estates

The Use of Special Needs Trusts in Estate Planning

Special Needs Trusts Most parents want to leave assets to their children when they die. If an individual with a significant cognitive disability receives assets, they

Posted in Special Needs, Trust, Trust and Estate Law, Trust and Estates, Trust, Estate, and Probate Litigation, Trusts and Estates

What is Anti-Trust Law?

Antitrust law refers to the extensive category of federal and state laws that aim to ensure that enterprises operate honestly and fairly. The objective of

Posted in Litigation

What is Advertising Law?

While advertisement is universal, many people are unaware that there are laws and stipulations that govern the manner in which corporates may or may not

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November Litigation Updates

SBEMP Wins in Court of Appeals For Morningside Community: Court Denies Anti-SLAPP Motions Plaintiffs and Respondents, homeowners in the Morningside community in Rancho Mirage, challenged

Posted in Litigation

Recent Victory for SBEMP: Court Grants Motion for Temporary Restraining Order

The San Bernardino County Superior Court granted a motion, made on behalf of the City of Needles (Plaintiff) for a temporary restraining order against an

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Posted in Civil Law, Government Law

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