Commercial Litigation

Slovak Baron Empey Murphy & Pinkney LLP commercial litigation law firm in Palm Springs offers a wide range of specialized litigation services for private sector companies, public agencies and individuals.

Our partners have successfully tried many cases throughout California and beyond. We often compete with the finest law firms in the country. Our trial experience and record of success are often a great help in achieving favorable settlements without the need for trial. If trial is necessary, however, our attorneys have successfully represented both plaintiffs and defendants.

Where possible, our initial focus is on achieving a cost-effective solution to potential disputes that serves the best interests of the business without having to resort to litigation. Sometimes the best solution is achieved through pre-litigation planning or alternative dispute resolution. Frequently there is no alternative to litigation.

We select a small team of experienced lawyers and paralegals, led by one of our seasoned partners who are responsible for managing the case. We have learned that in many cases, a single partner or a partner and an associate or paralegal managing the entire case is more efficient and cost-effective than a team of lawyers handling different aspects of the case. Our clients’ needs – not our own – dictate how we handle a case.

Our Palm Springs firm’s combination of highly skilled attorneys and reputation for excellence in the local community make it the firm to go to for superior representation.


Verdict: $6,753,600

Patricia Behr was a single mother who had raised her kids and was looking for a partner to enjoy the rest of her life with. She was extremely conscious of her health and, prior to engaging in a relationship with the defendant, asked him to confirm that he was disease free. The defendant, however, failed to disclose a known genital herpes infection prior to engaging in a sexual relationship with Patricia. He infected her with an incurable sexually-transmitted disease. In a landmark verdict, the jury awarded $6,753,600 in medical expenses, emotional distress damages, and punitive damages. The verdict is the largest verdict in the history of the United States for a case involving the transmission of genital herpes.


Verdict: $2,492,000

Kathrin Saadian was infected with genital herpes by her husband after 16 years of marriage. After a brief separation, the defendant returned to the house under the pretense of working on the relationship. The defendant returned, however, to get Kathrin to sign quitclaim deeds relinquishing her interest in millions of dollars worth of real property the couple had acquired during their marriage. In the process, the defendant infected Kathrin with genital herpes that he had acquired through a series of extra-marital affairs. The jury awarded $2,492,000 in medical expenses, emotional distress damages, and punitive damages. The jury’s verdict is the second largest in the history of the United States for a case involving the transmission of genital herpes.


Confidential Settlement

Waste Management, Inc., WM Recycle America, LLC, and USA Waste of California, Inc. were sued for fraud, and breach of contract arising out of a contract for the delivery and processing of recyclable materials. The plaintiff claimed that the Waste Management entities never intended to perform and sought over $5,000,000 in damages. The Waste Management entities filed a cross-complaint against the plaintiff claiming that the plaintiff sold their property and kept the money without providing any credit for the millions of dollars in revenue generated from the sale. After a week of trial, the plaintiff agreed to pay the Waste Management entities in a confidential settlement to resolve the dispute.

Our experienced commercial litigation attorneys at Slovak Baron Empey Murphy & Pinkney LLP have helped clients obtain the best results with professionalism, efficiency, and expediency. Our firm’s list of clients represents local Palm Springs and national companies.

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