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Conflicts in real estate transactions are normally the cause of many litigation procedures. Quite often, these types of conflicts arise within the categories of commercial leases, sales contracts, property insurance, and assessment taxes. Other conflicts sometimes occur when dealing with construction and design complaints, boundary claims, fiduciary duty breaches or partnership disputes. When managing these complicated litigation issues, there are various sub-categories within the realm of real estate law that will usually require the special knowledge of a trained legal professional. Continue reading

According to the California construction law blog, the 2015 calendar year will see many changes to statutes involving construction law in California including laws dealing with contractors, licensing requirements, prevailing wages, and public works projects. SBEMP has the top real estate and land law attorneys in Palm Springs to help you navigate these changes. Continue reading

Real estate and land law attorneys in Palm Springs can help you understand local zoning laws and regulations. Zoning is the regulation of how and why the area of land is being used. With an inspection, the property and surrounding area must be safe, healthy, and in line with the community’s needs and involvement. Zoning also ensures the land use is in line with other residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Continue reading

It is common in eminent domain cases that people attempt to represent themselves. This is the single biggest mistake in the entire transaction. A home or business is the largest asset for most people. Allowing the process to go forward without sufficient legal representation directly depreciates the value of that asset by thousands of dollars, and in some cases, hundreds of thousands of dollars. Fair market value is a subjective term that savvy home and business owners can request the help of their attorney to decide. Continue reading

Real Estate is the one investment almost everyone will make at one time or another. Consulting an attorney makes good sense when you are buying a home, investing in land, or selling inherited real estate. The advice and input of an attorney can give you peace of mind and save you a lot of money. Continue reading

The Palm Springs area has a unique set of regulatory laws underlying the properties therein. Anyone purchasing residential or commercial properties needs to quickly become familiar with the way these laws work. Most people will appreciate they can learn more information about how to manage local real estate law. Attorneys in the Palm Springs area provide a lot of information that helps you through these issues. They understand local regulations and can handle them with ease. Continue reading

According to common laws and statutes, anyone selling real estate has a legal obligation to disclose all information that is relevant to a property’s value. Such a legal duty requires that real estate sellers inspect the property for any physical defects and other surrounding problems. Potential buyers must have access to documentation that provides information about whether a property for sale is within a radius of a zone that is deemed hazardous. Continue reading

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