What Commercial Real Estate Attorneys Do and Top Terms in the Industry

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One of important steps involved in investigating commercial real estate is conducting a Due Diligence Investigation to guarantee you know every single piece of material about the opportunity. This information will help to make sure that you are making the right decision and it also allows you to calculate the money that you can possibly make with your investment. Continue reading

“The power of the lawyer is in the uncertainty of the law,” said 18th century law philosopher Jeremy Bentham. In no other field is that truer than in the area of real estate law–an area of law filled with ambiguity, contradictory claims and competing jurisdictions. As an experienced team of legal professionals we are ready to help you as your Palm Springs real estate attorney in many facets of property law. Continue reading

In respect to land development, entitlement entails the process of obtaining approvals for the right to develop a property for a specific use. Entitlement process is somehow tiresome and expensive, but it is crucial to acknowledge the purpose of that piece of property in determining the real estate viability of your project. Continue reading

In 2015, a new ordinance was passed that will force thousands of Los Angeles, California, building owners to make sure their buildings comply with new earthquake structure resistance standards. This comes after much pushing by the Mayor, Eric Garcetti, to improve the resiliency of the City of Los Angeles, if a major earthquake were to happen.

Continue reading

Decades of following the trend of home buyers have taken a turn for a new discovery. While 72% of survey takers had never lived in a master-planned community in the past, their sights are turning toward buying a home in this type of environment within the next 24 months. This turn-around in the housing market is key in providing real estate developers and investors with critical information needed to make future investment choices. Continue reading

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