The Top 7 Strengths of Legal Skills in Real Estate

“The power of the lawyer is in the uncertainty of the law,” said 18th century law philosopher Jeremy Bentham. In no other field is that truer than in the area of real estate law–an area of law filled with ambiguity, contradictory claims and competing jurisdictions. As an experienced team of legal professionals we are ready to help you as your Palm Springs real estate attorney in many facets of property law.

Our Experience

Our wide variety of experience is a great strength of our practice. We understand the needs of individual homeowners, the land issues facing businesses, and the property challenges of developing commercial ventures. Having our home office in the West, we understand the unique culture of this region and how navigate the local, regional and state bureaucracies to gain land use permits. We also grasp the complexity of federal laws and how to navigate such to gain approval for projects.

Our Litigation Skill

“Discourage litigation. Persuade your neighbors to compromise whenever you can, “counseled Abraham Lincoln. While we agree with Abraham Lincoln’s advice, sometimes litigation in property issues is unavoidable. At such times, we have demonstrated skill in achieving favorable outcomes in the courtroom for our clients with efficiency and economy. We also have extensive experience representing our clients before regulatory and governing agencies in municipalities, counties, and regional districts.

Our Long Range Vision

We also have developed a Land Use Team in our practice to assist businesses in long-range vision when it comes to land use issues. As General Dwight Eisenhower said, “…planning is everything.” This is certainly true for commercial interests who intend to be established in a location for several years. Our team can help our clients anticipate future property issues take proactive steps to insure their property can serve their interests over the long term.

Our Business Counsel

“Caveat emptor” is Latin for “let the buyer beware” and expresses the principle that in a sales transaction the buyer normally has less knowledge about the property than the seller. As part of our real estate law practice we provide business counsel to help level the playing field in a real estate transaction for the buyer by using our expertise to anticipate potential issues with a property. This guards our clients from unforeseen financial risks.

Our Expert Representation

With several years of combined experience as staff attorneys for city and county governments local municipalities to provide expert legal representation concerning property issues in court often call upon our staff. Many of our team also have served as committee members on local administrative property commissions which further aids our clients.

Our Professional Consultants

With our years of continual service in the area comes a large network of related professionals in the field of real estate. We are able to use these contacts to provide our clients with expert consultation over land use issues, adding another layer of assistance.

Our Relationships

“You can’t fight city hall” is the old saying, and our team members enjoy a close relationship with local government officials that make contention with community officials unnecessary. Understanding the bureaucratic process and knowing the staffs who handle land use approvals give our clients a great advantage.

With our team serving as your Palm Springs real estate attorney you will be able to navigate the uncertainty of the legal real estate world.

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