Municipal Law: A Quick & to the Point Overview

When our Palm Springs government law firm says they are equipped to handle municipal law, this means we offer impeccable services and usually deal with governmental bodies. Dealing with governmental bodies means that the law firm must be up-to-date with every law and is expected to be diligent.

The following are just some of the areas covering municipal law:

Municipal Activities

These activities could include anything from employment to land use regulations. What the law firm guarantees is that municipalities can go about their activities without overstepping jurisdiction or any other issue. All possible problems are simplified and highlighted.


Contracts are sometimes thought-up in the heat of a bidding war, which is why a law firm that specializes in municipal law should be involved. A representative will go over the contract and make necessary changes that should benefit you. And–if needed–will help renegotiate a contract that may not favor you.

Bond Counsel

There are several types of bonds, like general obligation bonds, revenue bonds, certificates of participation in lease purchase agreements, special assessment bonds, and revenue anticipation notes. All of these bonds require special expertise in order to be deciphered before anything is finalized. This is another area where a representative for a law firm that specializes in municipal law can be of assistance.

Underwriters’ Counsel

There are several regulations and state and federal securities law and statutes governing the activities of underwriters. You need an experienced underwriter to give you counsel and review the bond counsel’s proposals. Remember that their proposals are there to benefit them and not you, so having an experienced lawyer in your corner is wise.

Legislative Matters

Legislative committees have a language of their own. These are committees that may have to hear proposals before approving them, and it is best to have a speaker communicate your ideas rather than have them be misconstrued.

These are just some of the areas covered by municipal law, which should be helpful.

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