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    Terms and Areas of Focus in Municipal Law

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    A municipality is a city or county, and the governing bodies within a city or county follow municipal law. Municipal law involves laws, taxes, land use, business licensing, and regulations within cities and counties. Municipalities are legally structured as corporations, which allows them to conduct business Continue reading

    If a franchise utility wishes to have their facilities on public property, the company needs a contract to operate. The local government grants permission for franchise utilities to operate within their boundaries. However, the municipal government operates differently from the private sector in negotiation of contracts and can renegotiate terms.

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    In a democracy, government employees are expected to be civil servants, not civil masters. It is important for government employees, especially elected officials, to avoid even the appearance of conflict of interest. California’s Office of the Attorney General has a 136 page document defining and discussing conflicts of interest, and it admits that even that is incomplete. Continue reading

    The Supremacy Clause of Article VI in the Constitution gives Congress the power to enact federal law that supersedes state law regarding matters that are of national importance rather than local importance. This is known as preemption. According to preemption law doctrine, any state law that is inconsistent with federal law must be declared invalid. Continue reading

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