Steps to Establishing an Effective Contract Plan for Construction Projects

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For those who have ever been in construction, there is a depth of knowledge required to operate and things are always changing. Over and over again, construction workers are exposed to dust particles and extensively hard labor. With contractors to handle, engineers, inspectors, owners, and others involved in projects, having effective contracts is essential.  Continue reading

The attorneys at Slovak, Baron, Empey, Murphy, and Pinkney (SBEMP) law firm represent government agencies, and private clients against the government. Located in Palm Springs, California, SBEMP offers legal counsel in situations with corporate governance, health care requirements, mergers, and so forth. Trust them to handle all the complexities that come with litigation against the government, or in cases where government agencies will need legal counsel. Continue reading

SBEMP is a Palm Springs government law firm that has expertise dealing with numerous governmental relations issues. They have a long and storied history of drafting public contracts for projects of various sizes, including professional services and consulting agreements, land development and real estate documents, and public improvement agreements. They work diligently for all clients whether they are looking for a more routine agreement or a developer for a $100,000,000 site-remediation project. SBEMP negotiates agreements that eliminate vague and confusing language and make sure to anticipate and plan for future issues. Continue reading

With the recent economic downturn and a historic number of citizens approaching retirement age, there has been an increased pressure on local government to deliver the same standard of community services with a significantly decreased budget. These budgets are further stressed by reduced state funding, declining revenue bases, rising pensions and labor expenses, a strict regulatory condition and a decreased proximity to the capital. Continue reading

Palm Springs government concerns involve those that are complex in organization and are appropriate for a large community of citizens, who reside within the Palm Springs jurisdiction. Legal counsel is used for sensitive security issues, for public events and for important local services, which are necessary for its citizens. Palm Springs government legal counsel represents local governments, with the same detailed attention, that a larger entity requires and needs. Continue reading

The tenant to operate its store in municipal real estate for a series of years, and an assigned number of hours, as well as days every week refers to an operating covenant as a contract. It is worth noting that, such covenants are found in leases as they contain a percentage rent provision. This is the provision that is normally postulated to guarantee that the tenant’s sales are increased, a clear emancipation of what Palm Springs government legal counsel offers. Continue reading

Government Contracts And Contract Law

There are many reasons why someone would need to understand the Public Contracting Process. It is important to use contract law in many business and government agency cases, and Palm Springs government legal counsel will assist in many ways. Continue reading

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