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Future Public Law On Marijuana In California?

The California governor that signed three bills into law including Assembly Bills 243 & 266, along with Senate Bill 643, passed a recent 2015 Legislature. These laws indicate regulatory and licensing mandates for medical cannabis. The law will began to take formation in January 1, 2018 to begin immediate regulation. Continue reading

California Proposition 64

California Proposition 64 -the California Marijuana Legalization Initiative- was on the California ballot on November 8, 2016. A “yes” vote meant legalized recreational marijuana for adults that are 21 years old or older would be available. State law will control it. Certain sales and cultivation taxes will be in place.

Continue reading

According to L.A. Times reporter Monte Morin, the California State Water Resources Control Board recently approved the Stormwater Capture Master Plan for Los Angeles County. Up to 10 billion gallons of water fall during a single storm in L.A. County and makes its way through storm channels to the Pacific Ocean. The water model plan involves reclamation and use of that rainwater before it reaches the ocean. Continue reading

The tenant to operate its store in municipal real estate for a series of years, and an assigned number of hours, as well as days every week refers to an operating covenant as a contract. It is worth noting that, such covenants are found in leases as they contain a percentage rent provision. This is the provision that is normally postulated to guarantee that the tenant’s sales are increased, a clear emancipation of what Palm Springs government legal counsel offers. Continue reading

Government Contracts And Contract Law

There are many reasons why someone would need to understand the Public Contracting Process. It is important to use contract law in many business and government agency cases, and Palm Springs government legal counsel will assist in many ways. Continue reading

Realistic Concerns When Negotiating a New Contract

Before consideration for a bargaining strategy can be implemented, the employer must identify the goals of the company. A determination must be made on which is more important for the company, less restrictive language in the contract or better economic terms. The company must also decide if they have the appropriate Palm Springs business litigation law firm bargaining on their behalf. Continue reading

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