Palm Springs Local Government Important Measures Passed in the 2016 State and Local Elections

California Proposition 64

California Proposition 64 -the California Marijuana Legalization Initiative- was on the California ballot on November 8, 2016. A “yes” vote meant legalized recreational marijuana for adults that are 21 years old or older would be available. State law will control it. Certain sales and cultivation taxes will be in place.

Proposition 64 made it legal for adults to use marijuana and grow marijuana for personal use on November 9, 2016. The sale and tax of recreational marijuana will not happen until January 1, 2018.

Local law will regulate Proposition 64 in Palm Springs by the counties and municipalities being permitted to control where marijuana business locations may be. Local governments are permitted to completely ban the sale of marijuana from their jurisdictions. 

California Non-English Language Allowed in Public Education Act

The California Non-English Languages Allowed in Public Education Act, which is also known as Proposition 58. A “yes” vote was for repealing most of the 1998 Proposition 227, the “English in Public Schools” Initiative. This effectively allows non-English languages to be used in public educational instruction.

According to the, “Local government involves the preservation requirement that public schools ensure students obtain English language proficiency. This requires school districts to solicit parent or community input in developing language acquisition programs. This requires instruction to ensure English language acquisition as quickly and effectively as possible. It authorizes school districts to establish dual-language immersion programs. This is for both native and non-native English speakers. There is no notable fiscal effect on school districts or state government.”

Measure CC

A bond issue measure was on the ballot for Desert Community College District voters in Imperial and Riverside counties.

A “yes” vote was a vote in favor of issuing $577,860,000 in bonds to fund the modernization career training facilities and repairing or fixing classrooms. This is to relieve overcrowding. It is additionally to increase classrooms, science labs, engineering classrooms, job and career training facilities at the College of the Desert.

The College of the Desert has been the leading source of higher education for nearly 60 years. They provide career training for students and serving as an affordable two-year college for those who want to transfer their education at a four-year university.

Modernization and expanding educational buildings and classrooms will be used to train nurses, police officers, technicians, firefighters, police officers, mechanics, and dozens of other vital workers.

It will additionally strengthen education programs for returning veterans and prepare them for good-paying jobs.

The 60-year old College of the Desert is in need of basic repairs and modernization within the building. This includes replacing outdated electric and plumbing systems. The leaky roof must be fixed. Classrooms and facilities must be updated to meet current earthquake, fire and safety codes.

For any questions on these passed measures in the 2016 state and local elections please contact Palm Springs public law attorney. They will set up a consultation with you to ensure all of your questions are answered. We have experience assisting public agencies in various areas of the law, including medical marijuana.

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