The Requirements For Competitive Bidding

The requirements for competitive bidding when undertaking projects of a public nature are already established. This includes any services needed, supplies, as well as the actual construction. There are some exceptions to these requirements such as emergency 911 situations. This applies to contracts, all public spending, any financial federal help, and any city property that requires disposal.

Any contracts that put the cities’ interests first are applicable, as long as there is no profit made on supplies. Specific tasks have to be finished and properly detailed so that the task can undergo an evaluation. Payment will not be made until the task has been completed. A purchasing order form must accompany all tasks. Contracts are required as well unless the amount is below five thousand dollars.
There are three categories encompassing these contracts. The first is zero to $25 thousand dollars. The second ranges from $25 thousand dollars to $100 thousand dollars. The third and final category is over the $100 thousand dollar mark. These contracts cannot be split into smaller amounts to bypass these requirements. The procurement director has to make certain the contractor is responsibly following these directives. Our Coachella Valley government law firm is well acquainted with these requirements. 

The Standards of Responsibility

To determine the responsibility of a bidder, their ability and skill to correctly adhere to the contract is a key factor. Their prompt fulfillment of the contract is also considered, as is their character. The quality achieved on previous contracts, their ability to stay always within the law, financial status, having the correct materials available, and their sense of responsibility are extremely important as well.

Informational Responsibility

The contractor must readily supply all information requested unless unreasonable. They cannot default on any taxes, licenses or money the city is due. If any contract is defaulted, the right to bid is put in default for a period of three years.

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