Settlements Require That Parties Be Ready To Agree

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Most of the leading hotels, restaurants, casinos and other ventures in the hospitality industry have done little to register their trademarks on a national or international basis, or have failed to enforce their marks outside of their own geographic markets. But, in this litigious society, expect legal actions from established businesses with names identical or similar to well known, major enterprises should they locate to these remote geographic areas during an expansion.

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Approximately 15 million civil lawsuits are filed each year in the United States and therefore many are at least somewhat concerned about the possibility of being sued. Whether you are a business owner, lawyer, doctor, architect or none of the above, if you are interested in avoiding a lawsuit, this article has tips for you. Continue reading

When a contentious relationship develops between shareholders and business partners, the accompanying stress can cause profit margins to fall precipitously. SBEMP is a Palm Springs business litigation law firm that takes decisive actions to quickly dissolve the disputes between the appropriate business stakeholders in order to rectify all requisite problems in their real estate activities. This action eliminates barriers and restores the entities’ previous profitability. Continue reading

A company has its own strategies, ways and tools to get ahead. This is reinforced by an innovative ability on customers through their friendliness to them, thus, enabling the company compete with its competitors. A company can only keep trade secrets, lest the given company opts to expose these secrets and ends up compromising its future. Continue reading

Creditors have various ways to secure judgments following a court action case. Some of these terms associated with this area of the law are referred to as “provisional” or “prejudgment,” among others. These terms apply to cases that are still ongoing. Overall they work to prevent those who owe the debt from hiding, moving, encumbering, or dissipating the funds that they must pay. Keep in mind that these processes are not always in place. They are a temporary means to prevent money owed from disappearing further. Continue reading

Banking and business law and regulation can be a complicated area to navigate that requires a qualified and experienced Palm Springs banking practice law firm to ensure success in contentious, insolvency and regulatory matters. The international nature of business in the 21st century means our experience working with the US Securities Exchange Commission are an important factor in ensuring our clients comply with all regulations and laws. Continue reading

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