Territoriality and Well-Known Marks in the Hospitality Industry

Most of the leading hotels, restaurants, casinos and other ventures in the hospitality industry have done little to register their trademarks on a national or international basis, or have failed to enforce their marks outside of their own geographic markets. But, in this litigious society, expect legal actions from established businesses with names identical or similar to well known, major enterprises should they locate to these remote geographic areas during an expansion.

Expanding Your Brand? Get a Consultation

Don’t get caught in that predicament. If you are considering expanding your brand into a new geographic area, a consultation with attorneys familiar with trademarks and related issues should be considered. Palm Springs business litigation law firm is a firm that is familiar with this area of the law and can guide you through the process.

Here are examples of some recent lawsuits that have been filed: The Plaza Hotel in New York and the Union Plaza a.k.a. Plaza Hotel and Casino. In Vegas, the Monte Carlo Casino and the Casino de Monte-Carlo in Monaco to name just a couple.

These operations have not registered their marks nationally or internationally or have not enforced their legal rights. Should a competitor choose to locate within their operating boundaries and open for business, it could easily result in a costly legal dispute.

For a more complete understanding of “territorial” vs., the “marks” doctrine, legal assistance with a qualified law firm should be considered. Palm Springs business litigation law firm can help with the complicated issues at hand: the legalities involving Territoriality and Well-Known Marks Doctrine.

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