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A Lawsuit? What You Need To Know

If you are in a position where you need to sue someone else, you may be confused as to what you need to do. Here is what happens when you need to file a claim:

1. You will need to file a complaint against the other person. You are the plaintiff.
2. The other person is the defendant. They need to respond back to your complaint.
3. A judge will make decisions on when times are appropriate for the two parties to schedule times that are needed. This will be to go to court or bring other issues into the open.
4. There is a Discovery period. This is when the two, different parties can get the needed facts from each other.
5. Motions can be considered. This is when each of the parties can ask for something to be overlooked or discarded.
6. The case may go to trial if after the Discovery period nothing is settled. Once the case goes to trial, it can be a long process.
7. In some cases, there is an appeal. This is when it goes to the higher court for a decision in the process because it couldn’t be concluded previously though the other means of the process.

Having a Palm Springs litigation attorney at your service will assist you when you need to file a claim against someone else. You will do well having the Palm Springs litigation attorney represent because they are skilled and experienced at with what they do.

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