What to Do When Disputes Arise Between Shareholders and Business Partners

When a contentious relationship develops between shareholders and business partners, the accompanying stress can cause profit margins to fall precipitously. SBEMP is a Palm Springs business litigation law firm that takes decisive actions to quickly dissolve the disputes between the appropriate business stakeholders in order to rectify all requisite problems in their real estate activities. This action eliminates barriers and restores the entities’ previous profitability.

Settling Disputes Between Management and Shareholders

SBEMP’s capabilities include settling myriad forms of disputes between management and shareholders. These services include breach of contract, business dissolution and the oppression of minority shareholders as well as real estate property, and trade secrets and non-compete agreement issues.

Their capacities also encompass corporate liquidation, business succession and real-estate properties along with criminal issues like embezzlement, fraud, and the mismanagement of financing issues and investments. Additionally, breach of fiduciary duty and financial issues like dividend, and ROI or return on investment issues are also under their scope of services.

Litigation Strategies to Avoid an Extensive, Expensive Resolution

SBEMP’s shareholder and partnership dispute attorneys excel at the litigation process as verifiable by their exceedingly successful results in myriad of disputable actions. They institute the appropriate zeal in instituting strategies that allow companies to avoid the long expensive litigation process in order to restore their requisite profitability and growth.

This maneuver restores the proper operational protocols of the business, and mitigates the damage that businesses incur in these types of situations. This reciprocally makes them invaluable for the successful operation of businesses that encounter this unfortunate but very predictable business dilemma.

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