Why a Third Party is Needed to Resolve Corporate Disputes

When the shareholders for a business or corporation can’t handle their professional disputes and get back to being productive in business in a timely manner, this is an indication that a third party is needed to resolve the issue. The agreements between the parties may need to be legally dissolved, but some companies don’t have clear regulations concerning this. This means that dividing property and assets can get complicated to say the least.

Assisting Companies with Exit Plans

SBEMP is a Palm Springs corporate attorney group, qualified to work with Coachella Valley businesses to come to agreements that are in the client’s best interest. SBEMP also assists companies in other parts of California to come up with exit plans that will help them restructure their business.

Experience, Devotion Counts

The law firm has a team of experienced and devoted dissolution attorneys who are qualified to represent both commercial and business clients. The legal team provides focused attention to every part of the legal process, and knows all about restructuring a business from a legal perspective.

Attorneys will work with clients to:

-Notify appropriate state and federal attorneys when it comes to taxation
-Gather, finalize and submit the correct dissolution paperwork to state organizations
-Alert creditors of changing financial obligations for partners who are not affiliated with the business any longer
-Notify customers and suppliers of the changes in business structure
-Buy out business partners to settle all litigation factors as it relates to contract breaches and disputes between shareholders
-Make the dissolution final with newly drafted agreements and contracts

Contact Our Palm Springs Corporate Attorneys

Contact SBEMP at 760-322-2275 for more information and to discuss your case.

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