How Our Government Legal Counsel Helps Municipalities Maximize Their Resources in Current Economic States

With the recent economic downturn and a historic number of citizens approaching retirement age, there has been an increased pressure on local government to deliver the same standard of community services with a significantly decreased budget. These budgets are further stressed by reduced state funding, declining revenue bases, rising pensions and labor expenses, a strict regulatory condition and a decreased proximity to the capital.

Helping Local Government Entities

Our Palm Springs government law firm has established a practice that serves local government entities in these depressed financial situations. We have a legal team with first-hand experience and skill in the areas of intergovernmental relations, labor and employment, bankruptcy and restructuring, public-private venture and public finance, as well as, tax and land use.

We have a vast understanding of the rigors of bad economies on local municipalities and can seek several remedies to accommodate these local government entities through our counsel.

How Our Government Legal Counsel Helps Local Municipalities

We can act as agents to arbitrate and renegotiate contracts, reengage the tax base through several economic devices, including maximizing taxing opportunities. Identifying working budgets that can be reduced with improvements in efficiency, access capital markets at reasonable rates and liquefy the appropriate assets are all areas we support. Because these financially strapped municipalities cannot afford to acquire the human resources to manage, we are their counsel to help with public projects, privatizing, infrastructure, financing and assessment contracts, and more.

Our Palm Springs government legal counsel assists these municipalities in instituting the proper protocols to allow them to avoid defaulting on their obligations. We also become partners with these municipalities and lend our expertise in monetizing many of their real estate opportunities and acquisitions, as well as, integrate our considerable legal team. As representatives in negotiating construction and eminent domain issues, taxation, public finance and environmental law issues, we assist municipalities.

Contact Our Experienced Palm Springs Government Legal Counsel

If you want to find out more, contact one of our experienced government legal counsel at 760-322-2275.

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