Focus: Maintaining Ethics in State an Federal Law for Governmental Bodies

When you think about certain laws that were put into place, there are many that have come forward to protect the people. One such powerful law is focused on maintaining ethics for government officials by not allowing them to participate in or make decisions in law where they could benefit in a private financial capacity. 

Conflict of Interest

This conflict of interest law is simple enough that it creates a very clear divide, yet is still powerful enough that it will protect the people from any potential conflict of interest based scenarios.

When thinking about any Palm Springs government law firm, it is essentially to work with individuals who understand conflict of interest scenarios and can easily interpret the law for cases just like this.

Eight Steps to Avoid a Conflict of Interest

According to California’s Attorney General, the story is, as long as you follow the basic eight steps, you should be in a position as a government official where you aren’t in a conflict of interest. Those eight steps in short are:

1. Are you a government official?
2. Are you making a public decision?
3. Is it a qualifying economic decision?
4. Are you directly involved in the decision?
5. Will the decision have financial results?
6. Will the decision affect the interest of the official?
7. Is the effect different than for the effect on the general public?
8. Is the participation legally required?

At the end of the day you have to be able to work with professionals who can help you to better understand the law and your legal obligations. For many people that answer is the Palm Springs government law firm.

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