Zoning, Planning And Land Use Legal Issues

The zoning, planning and land use laws can be tricky and hard to understand. People need someone that can explain it to them. A real estate lawyer is essential when people have questions about zoning, planning and land use laws for their business or home so they can make sure that they are following all the necessary rules.

What Is Zoning?

When the local governments want to make sure that neighborhoods look nice, they put in zoning laws. They want to regulate how a home or business should look to the people that are coming by or live in the area. Homeowners and business owners must comply with the zoning ordinances that the locality puts into effect.

A Variance Can Be Applied For

A variance is obtained when the land or building does not conform with the zoning laws. It is important that a person that is putting in for a variance prove that they will have to endure a pronounced, financial hardship if the variance is not approved. 

A Non-Conforming Use

If a business building has been in place before a zoning ordinance came into effect, it does not need to change. It was there before, but that is why real estate and land law attorneys in Palm Springs are so necessary in order to handle these kinds of cases.

Our real estate and land law attorneys in Palm Springs can make sure that a homeowner or business owner is able to handle their issues with zoning, planning and land usage. Having good representation is important because they are experienced in the legal issues that arise.

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