5 Key Areas of Assistance in Tribal Law

When looking to conduct business with Indian Tribes, it will be essential to have knowledge of the history along with awareness of the evolving federal, state and Indian tribe laws that affect these parties. As a result it will be a good idea to get assistance from our Palm Springs tribal attorneys in a number of key areas.

Business Transactions

The first type of assistance offered through law firms is negotiating with tribes along with drafting a number of documents such as leases, contracts, rights of way and business agreements with a number of Indian tribes and entities associated with them.

Energy and Natural Resources

Due to the fact that a number of Indian reservations hold natural resources and energy resources, it will be important to seek the assistance from lawyers who have a lot of experience helping clients dealing with these resources.

An attorney can help clients develop ways to secure rights of way as well as market these resources on a regular basis. A lawyer can also draft legal documents and negotiate agreements to best take advantage of these valuable resources.

Environmental Laws

Since the laws of tribal areas differ from federal and state laws, it is important to have an attorney who is knowledgeable of this. While many federal laws regulate tribal areas, it is important to have an attorney who knows which laws apply to the federal laws as well as which ones differ and are strictly run under the jurisdiction of an Indian tribal community. Therefore having an attorney assist you with explaining how environmental laws relate to the communities of Indian tribes.

Water Rights

Since there are a number of laws that regulate the use and management of water supplies, you will want to seek an attorney who knows how these regulations affect Indian tribal communities. An attorney can not only explain how Indian tribes govern water rights laws but also allow you to make negotiations in order to get access to this water supply if necessary.

Litigation and Mediation

In a number of legal matters there are times when litigation and/or mediation is necessary. If you are in a legal dispute with an Indian tribe or vice versa using a tribal attorney can give you the assistance you need in order to successfully come to a settlement in any legal dispute. A tribal attorney can provide adequate representation for both tribes and corporations that are looking to resolve any legal dispute that may occur.

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