Issues of Dealing with Entitlement Processes

In respect to land development, entitlement entails the process of obtaining approvals for the right to develop a property for a specific use. Entitlement process is somehow tiresome and expensive, but it is crucial to acknowledge the purpose of that piece of property in determining the real estate viability of your project.

Different Types of Entitlement

Our Palm Springs real estate attorney advises and gives on various types of Entitlement guide on zoning and zoning Variances Entitlement that involves building heights, parking space and setbacks. These types of entitlement ordinances involves a lot of delays but advisable to follow attorney’s direction.

Additional Permits Needed

According to the current purpose of the property, this might affect the entitlement and have the site rezoned, therefore requiring the issuance of entitlement, which at times is hard to get. A property owner might need an additional use permit that goes in line with zoning and zoning variances entitlement. A property owner who requires a conditional use of permits must be entitled.

Approvals for Landscaping

In a case where the road needs to be put or maintenance of an existing road calls the need to have an entitlement and follow the involved process to have it. Utility and landscaping approvals require one to be entitlement especially where there is a change of ownership the involved parties are required to comply with municipality regulations while in landscaping engineers and city planners will partake in the process of entitlement.

Doing these process of obtaining entitlement alone is tedious and frustrating and it is advisable to obtain a consultant palm springs real estate attorney who will take you off the laden and is well-positioned to expedite the process and meet required approval jurisdictions.

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