Keep Transactions On Track with a Real Estate Attorney

When you’re ready to move forward with real estate development and complex transactions, you need a real estate attorney. Real estate transactions are complicated. The process to acquiring real estate requires an expert who can navigate potential setbacks. To keep a transaction on track requires to expertise of an attorney.

Acquiring and disposing of real estate requires help in negotiation of agreements, handling issues related to the environment, and preparing for implications of taxes. Whether you are financing publicly or privately, having the service of a Palm Springs real estate attorney helps in completing your commercial real estate transaction.

Who a Real Estate Attorney Helps

Any business or corporation that has real estate investments currently or in the future receives help from an attorney.

This includes:

• Developers
• Builders
• Investors
• Owners

Commercial Leasing

In addition to handling acquisition and discarding of real estate, our Palm Springs real estate attorneys also handle commercial leasing contracts. Our expert government attorney also handles municipal leasing opportunities. We work with many different industries, including healthcare, energy solar, telecommunications, retail, and more.

Different issues may arise in leasing contracts that include zoning issues, land use, environment, and permits. We help to provide advice to our clients on how to overcome the challenges from laws and writing a contract that works for all parties involved.

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