Determining if Land is Legally “Buildable”

When it comes to raw land, any potential buyer will wonder whether it can be ‘buildable’ or not.

Real estate and land law attorneys in Palm Springs can help you clarify this issue. There is a chance that some form of development might be possible, for instance, a single-family residence with a guesthouse that is detached. So, does this mean that a land is legally ‘buildable’?

The country usually does not state whether this is possible or not. However, it will have to approve a site plan drafted by a professional, which will discuss in details water source, the size of a design of the house, sanitation, the access, etc. This will cost you a lot for professionals, surveys and other services.

Furthermore, the property will have to go through some tests. For instance, if there is a septic system, the land must be submitted to a percolation test, and if the land is stable, then it must be submitted to some soil tests. Then, there are geological tests, and a detailed test of the building envelope that will cost more than $20,000. But, the majority of parcels are not active fault zones, but a lot of them will cost about $200,000. Otherwise, everything will cost you about $10,000, with other types of tests being required, such as archeological and biotic tests.

Determining if the land is ‘buildable’ or not can be quite expensive, but this is something that must be done in order to avoid possible road catastrophes. For instance, if a house was built without going through a percolation test, then there would be many problems with a septic system to that extent that it would meet an underground stream that would contaminate the water for drinking. To avoid this and any other similar problems, you can always contact a Palm Springs real estate attorney to help you out.

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