Learn the Difference Between Mediation, Negotiation and Arbitration

Here, we will clarify the differences between the legal processes of Mediation, Arbitration and Negotiation according to Coachella Valley arbitration lawyer.

Negotiation: This takes place between at least two parties. They will engage each other in a discussion and attempt to come to a mutual agreement. The two qualities that are used in this meeting are persuasion and influence. According to Coachella Valley arbitration lawyer, the goal, is to convince the other members to come to their way of thinking.

For example: two or more people may engage in these scenarios:

A car salesman and a car buyer.

A woman or man negotiates with their spouse for use of their mutual finances

The president negotiates with another country in an effort to disarm them of any threats to their country

Arbitration. This is a way to resolve a legal conflict that’s done outside of the courtroom environment. The conflicting parties will present their points to a neutral third party. Typically, this is a lawyer. They act as an arbitrator and will decide in favor of the party they deem deserving according to the law. This is much the same duty served by a judge.

For Example: Arbitration could mirror these situations.

– Employees that take an issue to be arbitrated by a boss who makes the final decision.

– A mother hears both sides of the argument that ensues between two siblings and makes the final decision.

Sometimes, arbitration will result in both parties being punished in some fashion, such as grounding both siblings.

Mediation. Mediation is essentially an arbitration session where the mediator will perform the same actions as the arbitrator. The mediator will actually assist both parties to come to an agreement.

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