What is a Real Estate Investment Breach of Contract?

Purchase contracts that pertain to houses or other real property are enforceable agreements in specific geographic regions. There are certain criteria that appear in any purchase agreement, such as signatures of the buyer and seller, the total sales price, a current transaction date, and other items.

Complex Issues During Disputes in Real Estate Transactions

Because of the complexity of a sales contract or purchase agreement, real estate and land law attorneys in Palm Springs help their clients by carefully reviewing every aspect of a potential contract agreement. The representation of an attorney is a vital part of avoiding future problems with regard to a real estate transaction. If an owner or former owner has a dispute that was not clearly addressed in the original purchase agreement, a legal dispute could render the property useless or uninhabited for several months or even years during the litigation process.

How an Experienced Palm Springs Real Estate Attorney Helps

An experienced Palm Springs real estate attorney can help their clients avoid these and other situations that result from a breach of contract. Any time, either party, the buyer or seller, does not uphold their end of the agreed upon terms, the contract is considered to be breached. Entering into a contact agreement or facing a buyer or seller who is in breach of the contract can be a frustrating and confusing situation without the help of a real estate and land law attorneys in Palm Springs. They can review the situation, clearly assess the breach, and facilitate a speedy resolution. Call our attorneys at 760-322-2275 for a consultation.

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