Palm Springs Land Use and Zoning Attorney Answers: How Does Zoning Affect Retail Businesses?

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How Zoning Affects Your Retail Business

Starting your own new business in Palm Springs can be quite an experience, but before you do, make sure that you have checked into the zoning laws for your desired location. Learning about the zoning ordinances for the area in which you want to locate your business is an essential first step to success. Continue reading

Indian tribes are unified under one government, or type of leadership. In America, even though the federal government may not recognize a certain people group, a particular state may officially recognize an Indian group. The process of official group recognition can be challenging. Legislatures and courts often get into the action of determining whether a specific group of Indians can be recognized. If a group is to be officially recognized, the history and control of territory are issues that need to be dealt with. Continue reading

Zoning is handled by an ordinance by the county or city with the state-enabling act providing the authority. Communities are divided into zones or districts using the advice of a planning commission. General schemes are used to divide a community with types that include residential, commercial, agricultural, and industrial. Among these types, there are varying densities and intensities that are established by district regulations. Here’s some overview information to reduce overwhelm before you open your business. Continue reading

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