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    Palm Springs Land Use and Zoning Attorney Answers: How Does Zoning Affect Retail Businesses?

    How Zoning Affects Your Retail Business

    Starting your own new business in Palm Springs can be quite an experience, but before you do, make sure that you have checked into the zoning laws for your desired location. Learning about the zoning ordinances for the area in which you want to locate your business is an essential first step to success.

    Choosing the Location for a Retail Business

    It’s an undeniable fact that the location you choose for your retail business is very important. Finding an area that has high visibility and is easily accessible to customers, while portraying a good company image, is essential. Taking state and local income taxes into account for the desired area is also important. However, finding out about zoning rules for the area in which you want to locate can be more important than any of these. A Palm Springs land use and zoning attorney can help you to sort through the maze of zoning regulations you will need to follow in order to start your business.

    Understanding Zoning Requirements

    Zoning laws are usually created by the city and county government officials. Officials work with a planning commission to divide a given locality into zones or districts. Zoning laws regulate how those zones or districts can be used, as well as how tall building structures can be, and where different structures on a given property can be located.

    Zoning creates divisions between different types of property usage in a locality. The main types of property usage are as follows:


    Generally speaking, only one of these four types of property will be allowed in a given zone, depending on how the zoning commission has decided it will be used. However, sometimes special permits can be obtained to allow a commercial or other business to be located in a residential zone. Usually, in this case, the building structure planned by the business must be a small one, such as a convenience store.

    Obtaining A Zoning Permit

    Before you can place your business in a given area, you must have a zoning permit. The zoning commission for your desired location can give you the latest zoning map for the area you are considering. If you are replacing an existing business, you will need to check the type of permit that business had. Zoning laws may restrict the type of operations you can run in your business, as well as how you can expand your building structure. Future developments planned in the area may also affect your business. It is important to follow the zoning laws to the letter, because if you violate a zoning condition, your business will be shut down.

    Because the process of obtaining a zoning permit and following zoning regulations can be complicated, it is advisable to contact one of the real estate and land law attorneys in Palm Springs for assistance. 

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