When Does My Case Information Become Privileged With A Coachella Valley Litigation Attorney?

The Basics of Client-Lawyer Privilege

If you think that you need a Coachella Valley litigation attorney, it is very important to make sure that you know the difference between privilege and unprivileged information before you begin. Privilege does protect you as a client, but it only extends a certain distance and you want to make sure that you do not give away something that is very important to your case. Movie and television law is not enough to educate you, it is important to keep reading to find out specifics about lawyer-client privilege.

Privilege During a Consultation

First of all, you should know that privilege is intact during a consultation because the only way for a lawyer or attorney to learn about your case if you tell them. They cannot agree to take a case or give any sort of advice without all of the facts; therefore, attorneys are not allowed to give away anything that they learn after meeting with you. This also means that if you have met with a litigation attorney they will not be able to represent the opposite party against you because they cannot use anything they learned in the consult.

Upholding Privileged Information in the SBEMP Coachella Valley Law Firm

The Coachella Valley tribal attorney is not the only person that must uphold the principle of privilege. Anyone that works for the lawyer such as investigators, legal secretaries, and paralegals also have to keep all of the facts that you have revealed to themselves. This allows a law office to speak freely amongst themselves without breaking privilege. It also means anything you say in the office is protected.

Keep in mind that privilege does have some boundaries. Never discuss sensitive details when around people that are not employed by the law firm or non-clients. IF a client chooses they can waive their right to privilege and attorneys learn that the client is going to commit fraud or a crime then they are no longer bound by the laws of privilege.

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