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    The Zen of Knowing Palm Springs Land Use and Zoning Before Opening for Business

    Zoning is handled by an ordinance by the county or city with the state-enabling act providing the authority. Communities are divided into zones or districts using the advice of a planning commission. General schemes are used to divide a community with types that include residential, commercial, agricultural, and industrial. Among these types, there are varying densities and intensities that are established by district regulations. Here’s some overview information to reduce overwhelm before you open your business.

    Get Information About Zoning Before Opening For Business

    A business owner can check a map to get information about the district where the property is located. With this information, the business owner can refer to the zoning ordinance; it helps determine the regulations for the district. Contact the town hall, local library, and zoning office because they provide copies of the zone laws. Most communities offer codes on their web site.

    General Zoning Categories

    The categories used to describe zoning various depending on the state. For example, laws can apply to one area of a community, and there can be different laws in other areas of the community; it is common. A town can also blend residential uses and commercial uses; however, a nearby community may outlaw this method.

    Divisions In Categories

    There are narrow divisions in each general category. For example, a residential zone with one family home might be segregated on one acre; there may also be hotels, mobile homes, boardinghouses, and complexes. An industrial zone is zoned light, research, or heavy. A commercial zone is divided into gas stations, shopping centers, restaurants, small stores, drive-in businesses, and warehouses.

    Zoning Symbols

    Depending on the community, the zoning symbols will vary. The R2 zone in one area may not be the same when compared to a R2 zone in another community. Communities use letters as code to determine what is found in the geographic location. For example, A could be for agricultural, residential is R, and C is for commercial. After the letter is a number; the number determines the level of use. R1 stands for a one family home, and R2 would be a two dwelling home, and so forth.

    To better understand the process, call our real estate and land law attorneys in Palm Springs or Palm Springs land use and zoning attorney to help you figure out zoning before opening your business.

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