What You Should Look for In Real Estate and Land Law Attorneys

Conflicts in real estate transactions are normally the cause of many litigation procedures. Quite often, these types of conflicts arise within the categories of commercial leases, sales contracts, property insurance, and assessment taxes. Other conflicts sometimes occur when dealing with construction and design complaints, boundary claims, fiduciary duty breaches or partnership disputes. When managing these complicated litigation issues, there are various sub-categories within the realm of real estate law that will usually require the special knowledge of a trained legal professional.

Obviously, winning is always the goal of any real estate legal procedure. The stakes can be high. Depending on the size of the disputing parties involved, the financial rewards of successfully arguing a contract, partnership or fiduciary duty dispute can result in favorable judgments that earn litigators’ clients millions of dollars. Actual and potential purchasers of real estate are usually the clients of real estate law professionals.

Experienced Representation in Litigation

As real estate and land law attorneys in Palm Springs, we often work on cases that involve the oversight of property owners adhering to standards. These can include zoning and permit procedures, boundary line and abutment conflicts, and easement rights disputes.

Serving a Diverse Group of Clients

Our clients are a diverse group of upscale commercial and industrial property owners, many of whom are in the hospitality field and other types of lodging establishments. These types of clients often need litigation services to help them navigate the confusing waters of land-use restrictions and proprietary brand matters.

We also work with owners of upscale residential properties who must often litigate against building companies and architects on matters such as design issues and construction mistakes. These types of flaws might not have been easily noticed at the time of purchase. In these types of situations, the subtle property laws of the county and the state are investigated thoroughly, and claims are issued against the negligent contracting and sub-contracting firms.

Get a Team of Trained Legal Professionals

As prominent real estate and land law attorneys in Palm Springs, we have a team of trained legal professionals who have accomplished an impressive number of litigation successes. Our years of experience in taking on the adversarial role in litigation proceedings play a large part in this success. Nothing can replace the real-life practical experience of a lawyer who has presented cases before a judge and who is familiar with other types of dispute resolution scenarios, for example, binding mediation. 

The client must never forget to ask himself the question, “If a dispute moves onto the federal court system, will my lawyer or legal team be fully prepared and competent to win the case?” With our attorneys, we have the experience you need to represent your case.

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