Changes in Construction Law Coming in 2015

According to the California construction law blog, the 2015 calendar year will see many changes to statutes involving construction law in California including laws dealing with contractors, licensing requirements, prevailing wages, and public works projects. SBEMP has the top real estate and land law attorneys in Palm Springs to help you navigate these changes.

New Licensing Information

For those interested in obtaining a license from the California State Licensing Board (CSLB), AB 2396 will now prohibit the CSLB from denying an applicant a license solely based on a conviction that was previously dismissed. Beginning in 2016, SB 1159 will require the CSLB to obtain a tax identification number or social security number from all applicants for a contractor’s license.

Wage Classification Changes

Wages and wage classifications were the subject of multiple changes and revisions. SBEMP can help make sure you are in compliance with the new regulations, such as AB 26 that revises the definition of “construction” to now include all activities during post-construction, such as cleanup.

AB 1870 changes the way that contributions from employers to the State Apprenticeship Council are calculated for journeymen and apprentices. The legislature passed AB 2744, which expands the existing law. The new law prevents those committing violations with intent to defraud from bidding, being award, or working as a subcontractor on public works projects to apprentices.

How Palm Springs Land Use and Zoning Attorneys Benefit Public Works Projects

If you deal in public works projects, it is important to have a top Palm Springs land use and zoning attorney at your disposal for assistance with the new regulations and obtaining the best opportunities. For instance, AB 1179 now authorizes the Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery to give priority in the awarding of grants to projects in disadvantaged communities that create greenways using tires derived from products under the state’s tire recycling program.

Contact Our Palm Springs Real Estate and Land Law Attorneys

SBEMP has handled construction law cases in the Palm Springs area for 20 years and can make sure you comply with and take advantage of the changes in the law for 2015. Contact us at 760-322-2275 to schedule a consultation.

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