Why is An Eminent Domain Attorney Necessary?

It is common in eminent domain cases that people attempt to represent themselves. This is the single biggest mistake in the entire transaction. A home or business is the largest asset for most people. Allowing the process to go forward without sufficient legal representation directly depreciates the value of that asset by thousands of dollars, and in some cases, hundreds of thousands of dollars. Fair market value is a subjective term that savvy home and business owners can request the help of their attorney to decide.

Eminent Domain Cases Favor the Government and are Futile to Fight

Eminent domain cases are legal cases. However, they do not proceed like average cases that may result in a trial. The goal of eminent domain is to gain the property, and this almost never results in attending a physical trial. A common misconception about these cases is that they never favor the property owner. When this is the result, it is almost always because competent legal counsel was not employed. Real estate and land law attorneys in Palm Springs can prevent this outcome in the cases that they represent.

What are the Necessary Traits of Successful Eminent Domain Firms?

When looking for representation in eminent domain cases, it is important to seek counsel whose sole focus is eminent domain cases and with proven caseloads of successful negotiations. These attorneys will have handled hundreds of cases successfully. Because they have handled their cases successfully, the most competent firms work under contingency. This is a common practice for any respected Palm Springs real estate attorney.

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