Are Your At-Will Employment Documents Worded Correctly?

More and more private business owners are noticing the “at will” employment approach for their business. This type of employment means that an employer does not have to give any employee an advanced notice of termination of their job, nor does the employer have to justify to the employee why they are being relieved of their duties. This law upholds the fact that employers do not have to give a good reason for termination of the employee.

“At Will” Employment and Written Contracts

All employment is according to a contract for “at will” employment or collective bargaining agreements in a union atmosphere, which would provide a “good cause” for termination of an employee. Employers do not have to have written employee contracts, and all employment is considered “at will.”

Employers prefer “at will” employment because of its relative ease in avoiding any litigation by the employee. Employers must frequently make business decisions regarding their employees. The “at will” relationship with employees allow employers the flexibility in their decision-making to the point that courts cannot second guess why the employer made a decision to terminate an employee, and fairness of that decision does not come into play.

Getting the Right Legal Wording for Your Documents

If you are a company owner, visit our Coachella Valley commercial litigation law firm to legalize all documents with the placement of the entire legal wording needed to avoid the risk for future lawsuits.

A Coachella Valley commercial litigation attorney makes sure that all employment applications are sufficient proof of the “at will” employer. A Coachella Valley commercial litigation law firm will educate employers about how sound their policy statements are in regards to “at will” relationships with employees.

Documents such as employment agreements must state a “specifically at-will” relationship, which involves properly structured documents to establish the “at will” relationship to the employee.

Contact Our Coachella Valley Commercial Litigation Attorney for Consultation

If the employer does not construct proper documents, the employer is at risk for attorney arguments. Our Coachella Valley commercial litigation attorney helps employers to avoid costly errors in documentation wording in the event of termination of an employee. Contact us at 760-322-2275 for a consultation.

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