The Top 6 Ways Businesses Can Avoid Legal Problems and Commercial Litigation?

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Non-compliance to the law can result in an expensive, lengthy trial. If you ever find your company in need of legal services, contact Coachella Valley commercial litigation law firm. Since prevention is better than a cure, here are ways to avoid legal problems. Continue reading

More and more private business owners are noticing the “at will” employment approach for their business. This type of employment means that an employer does not have to give any employee an advanced notice of termination of their job, nor does the employer have to justify to the employee why they are being relieved of their duties. This law upholds the fact that employers do not have to give a good reason for termination of the employee. Continue reading

A Coachella Valley commercial litigation attorney specializes in litigation of business partnerships. One must be a skilled trial attorney and a trusted advisor if they deal with a partnership. Bad feelings develop when trust is broken. Business litigation attorneys must use caution and sound judgment in their case analysis, their plan to reach the endgame, and their cost analysis. Continue reading

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) programs, by design permit more control for those in search of aid to addressing their problems, which can allow for a faster resolution.

Litigants who are faced with business disputes, employment law cases, commercial litigation and other civil lawsuits often prefer the ADR procedure of mediation, as compared to nonbinding arbitration. When questioned for opinions on a court trial, respondents favored judge trials over trials by jury. Knowing this preference can assist the courts when looking to increase or persuade contribution in voluntary ADR dealings. Continue reading

Corporations provide a lot of protections to their owners and officers. Generally speaking, a corporation is considered a legal entity, separate from the people who own and run it. This means that if the corporation is in debt or goes bankrupt, then the assets of those who own and run it can’t be seized to pay that debt. That’s the kind of shield a corporation provides. Continue reading

In life, prevention is sometimes the best solution to a possible problem. Planning ahead and securing the necessary steps to ensure positive financial and legal standing is important in any situation. SBEMP is a Coachella Valley Commercial Litigation Law Firm. If you are in need of a Coachella Valley litigation attorney or more specifically, a Coachella Valley commercial litigation attorney, look no further than SBEMP. Continue reading

“Thinking outside the box” is a useful tool in winning settlements. A practitioner
needs to consider all aspects of each case, and consider the possibility that some negotiations can be resolved with methods other than financial ones. If all parties enter negotiations cooperatively, then resolutions can often be found that will both allow conflicting parties to work through disputes, and continue doing business together. In the case of a loan repayment for example, the borrower might agree to increase the amount of payments for a specified period of time so that the lender does not lose money. Continue reading

Commercial Litigation In Coachella Valley

There has been a rash of articles written lately on litigation holds and new court rules mandating the retention of records after a dispute. While the arguments expressed in these articles raise valid points, they don’t cover the most crucial reason for keeping litigation records on file. A good records retention policy is mainly needed because presenting a future litigation in the courtroom without proof is a waste of time! Continue reading

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