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Companies often make the unfortunate mistake of overlooking the importance of legal infrastructure. When they are faced with a lawsuit, they are left staggering, unable to complete normal operations because they did not have a proper infrastructure or a plan of action. However, there are several strategies and methods of preparation to develop and maintain a robust structure for your company.

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There has been a lot of confusion when it comes to differentiating between business law and corporate law. While corporate law focuses on legal aspects governing sale and distribution of goods, business law covers legal aspects used in acquisitions, mergers, formation of companies and Continue reading

No business should exist that does not have qualified legal professionals reviewing their practice and ensuring they stay up to date with current laws and regulations. By hiring an attorney that works outside of the firm, a company can receive an extremely wide range of services that are important to their everyday success. Continue reading

You can obtain a trademark for the proprietary information pertaining to your business if the information is economically valuable to you and is not common information that your competitors can easily acquire, such as the words in recipes or listings from telephone books and directories. You can learn if you qualify for a trademark. Continue reading

A “bootstrap buyout,” more formally known as a leveraged buyout (LBO), is a method of obtaining a business wherein the buyer utilizes a blend of other investors’ money and business assets to purchase a business. These are tough times and credit markets are drying up. Finding funds can be difficult, however, these tough times often lead to enormous investment opportunities because there is a good amount of value in an LBO, if you find the right business for the right price. Our Coachella Valley corporate attorneys have gathered a few tips to help ensure your success. Continue reading

The aim of corporate lawyers is for business management and owners to find easy answers to their questions in a fast paced environment. Clients depend on the savvy of a Coachella Valley corporate attorney to act as legal advisers when managing assets and completing transactions. Our group presents businesses that are Fortune 500 members and sole operators alike with the same goal of great service in mind. Continue reading

A subtle issue that arises for new business owners is the concern with trademarks. Trademarks are an intellectual property that displays products and services. Some examples of trademarks include Phrases, logos, words, images and symbols. Trademark could also be a combination of all the components. Continue reading

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