Copyright, Contract And Licensing Laws

Property rights are restrictive, giving owners the ability to stop third parties from using their property without consent. With the use of materials, contract laws containing the proper conditions are required.

The Copyright Laws

Copyrights can contain articles, lyrics for songs, photos, leaflets, etc. Businesses using copyrights rely on giving licenses to their clients with specific terms in order to have the ability to trade their stock. The laws as to how they are able to use items such as electronic media or a specific photograph restrict these companies.

The Patent Rights

Patent rights have the most authority over inventions. All products invented have to secure a patent. Since the right to a monopoly is granted on an extensive basis, IP protection regarding registration is higher than any other type of IP protection.


A non-disclosure agreement is a contract that is binding legally. They place restrictions on the information that can be released. Without this agreement, the rights fall under general law. This requires proof of misconduct to be submitted in court. 


Trademarks protect specific brands including the name of a business, slogans and logos. When a business wants restrictions placed on the sizing, color or location a trademark is seen on a website, a trademark becomes a necessity. 

Commercial Licenses

Contracts and licenses used commercially for property considered to be intellectual must be accurate in regards to the businesses intentions. Severe legal difficulties can result if this is not done correctly. There was a case involving an author at a University whose rights were transferred to a business instead of licensing them for the use of the author. This placed the author in the position of having their rights inadvertently owned by another party.

Coachella Valley corporate attorneys can be an important resource if you feel your rights have been violated, or if you need help or have questions. Setting up a consultation may offer you significant help.

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