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Get Your Business or Corporation Ready with the Right Contracts

Our experience has taught us that business opportunities, no matter how solid, stand no chance of success when the arrangement between owners is weak, lopsided and ambiguous.

Choosing the Right Entity for Your Business

We have extensive corporate knowledge about entity selection and owner agreement drafting – operating agreements for LLCs, or “limited liability companies,” partnership agreements for LLPs or, “limited liability partnerships,” and other forms, shareholder agreements for traditional C or S corporations. We are also experienced at offering advice related to franchise matters.

Ensuring Co-Owners are in Agreement

Our work focuses on ensuring that the co-owners are in agreement and have the same amount of understanding. It is also our primary objective to ensure that the agreement is comprehensive and clear, especially when it comes to the following matters:

– Buy Sell Agreements (for instance, redemption agreements and stock repurchases;
– Share transfers or introducing new members;
– Profit sharing and salary (if applicable);
– Rights of minority shareholders;
– Every stakeholder’s or partner’s operational roles;
– Comprehensive knowledge about the management structure;
– And Forum for dispute resolution.

Experience with Ownership Agreements for Businesses and Corporations

With years of experience under our belt, we know that if the ownership agreements are clear and precise, then later on, stress from the prospect of dissolution and disputes can be avoided. Our attorneys are well versed in all the critical legal nuances associated with LLCs, LLPs, companies and other corporations. We have often helped our clients catch problems and issues that would have been missed if they had not hired us for the job.

Contact Our Coachella Valley Corporate Attorney for a Consultation

If you are looking for a Coachella Valley corporate attorney, contact us at 760-322-2275 to schedule a consultation.

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