Factors Attorneys Take Into Consideration for Personal Injury Case Compensation

One of the most difficult tasks for a Palm Springs personal injury lawyer is calculating how to gauge compensation for pain and injury. Because each accident that brings on the need for an attorney is different so is the number of ways that one feels pain and suffering and endures through it.

Factors Taken Into Consideration to Value a Personal Injury Case

Prior Cases

In order to determine the price value of a case, the attorney will need to take a number of factors into consideration. One of the first things considered when valuing a case is looking at prior cases that entail the same type of injury.

Medical Costs

Another way a price tag is placed on pain and suffering by a Palm Springs personal injury attorney is by taking the actual cost of the injury (medical costs) and then multiplying by 1.5 to 4 times that amount. Once this rough estimate has been determined, the attorney can then begin to look at the specifics for the case.

Age and Physical Condition

Some of the specifics that are then considered include the age of the injured and their physical state. A huge factor is the type and frequency of treatments as well as medications and any side effects that the injured person may incur. The attorney will also consider any pre-existing conditions and what happened concerning them after the accident.

Way of Life

A big factor is how the injury impacts the individual’s way of life. Can they do all the things that they would otherwise do with their children or in their profession? Can they still engage in the same hobbies and interests at the same level they did before? If the injury seriously impacts these areas, the cost of the case will go up.

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