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    What to Look for When Hiring a Commercial Litigation Attorney

    There are some private construction contracts that often create contentious and litigious situations. That is why our Coachella Valley litigation attorneys help people adapt to this process going forward.

    Why You Need to Hire a Coachella Valley Commercial Litigation Attorney

    Both defects and delays in performance cause a full range of contract default problems. When people attempt to litigate claims, they should make sure that they are hiring the right Coachella Valley commercial litigation law firm. The firm itself will be ready to lend its support for major legal challenges down the road. This provides an analysis of different types of project issues that people may face along the way.

    Some project issues may include:

    – Change Orders
    – Plans and Specifications
    – Coordinating Trades
    – Sequencing Work Schedules
    – Unforeseen Conditions
    – Requesting payments

    There are two jurisdictional bases that exist, which can assert contract claims in the United States.

    1. The Tucker Act has waived sovereign immunity for claims that are based upon an expressed contract with the United States.
    2. The Contract Disputes Act has put forth specific procedures for prosecuting different types of claims with the government.

    How a Coachella Valley Litigation Attorney Helps You Resolve Your Case

    There is a resolution process that begins in a court of law, which could lead to a major arbitration process, involving a panel. The contractor might believe that the Government has breached a contract, which would entitle the contractor to claims. In this case, you will need a written claim delivered to an official, who may be the contracting officer. An agency will set forth procedures for selection and qualification of contracting officers.

    The claim itself will effectively be a written demand, which claims the rights and a certain payment of money. The claim itself needs to contain all the detail for evaluation by the Government. The process includes justification for recovery pursuant of the terms of the contract itself. The contractor needs to demand recovery of a few different types of sums. The contracting officer then has to issue an official decision in response to the claim.

    Contact Our Coachella Valley Commercial Litigation Law Firm for Your Case

    Many local governments require specific rules, which govern the way the claims process unfolds. Contact one of our Coachella Valley commercial litigation attorneys for help at (760) 322-2275 if you are going through this process.

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