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The best Coachella Valley government legal counsel helps you decipher the “financial conflict of interest” laws that apply to a public official. During public service, an individual must do his utmost to consider the objective ramifications of an action or decision upon the people whom he represents. When the public decision involves an organization, business or action, which could personally directly financially affect the public official, then he or she must recuse himself.

Financial Conflict of Interest

The minutiae of public ethical laws is the expertise of a Coachella Valley government law firm who can counsel you concerning a hearing or vote that could be a potential conflict of interest. The Political Reform Government Code under Title 9 states that no public official can participate or influence a decision in which he has a direct financial interest. One way for a Member of Legislature to protect himself has been to create a “blind trust.”

Recusal is that act of abstaining from a public hearing, vote or action due to a potential conflict of interest.

Coachella Valley government legal counsel can help you decide whether recusal is necessary for a public action. The most prudent action is to “err on the side of recusing yourself if there are any potential conflicts of interest.” This prevents it from becoming a campaign issue or lawsuit.

Revolving Door of the Lobbyist Employer

Another key element of the ethical conflict of interest law relates to the lobbyist. In certain fields, there are only a limited number of professionals with the credentials to qualify as a subject matter expert (SME). If a public officer has worked for a lobbyist employer in the previous 12 months, he might need to recuse himself from actions related to said lobbyist firm.

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