Options Before Defaulting on a Government Loan

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An SBA loan default is not a small matter. Having an SBA loan default can be financial dread for many small business owners. People who are left in such a slump may be forced to close their business offices. Better yet, they may be forced to sell off all of their business assets. This is only “the tip of the iceberg.” One foolhardy mistake SBA borrowers seem to make is that they will pay back the loan without any plan of action. As silly as it may sound, it is a fairly common occurrence. Continue reading

The period during the planning and brainstorming of a new business is a heady and exciting period. Many starry-eyed dreamers have started a business venture with visions of success. We at SBEMP understand how exciting this time is and want to help entrepreneurs understand the practical side of registering your business as a legal entity. What confuses entrepreneurs is trying to decide which business entity to choose. Our Coachella Valley business transaction law firm advises on this detail for new businesses founded in the Coachella Valley. Continue reading

Because sellers and buyers view each side of the transaction differently, they can be blind to many important facts. Coachella Valley mergers and acquisitions firms are highly experienced in mergers and acquisitions to help your party view the transaction from a practical stance, which enables you to get the best deal for your position. The following list is just a few of the most common mistakes buyers and sellers make during a merger and acquisition. Continue reading

Can two different companies hold the same trademark name if they provide different services or products?

The brief answer is, sometimes. Trademark registration/ infringement disputes revolve around the possibility that differing services or brands can be confused for each other. Continue reading

Whenever an opportunity is open for acquisitions, there is a perfect chance for becoming an ally with others. This is also the case when you are considering a merger. While working closely with these alliances, there is also a possibility of forming a joint venture. With planning strategy, compounded by the numbers involved, there is a greater chance for synergy. Our Coachella Valley mergers and acquisitions firm shares why. Continue reading

There are two major parts to the process of merger and acquisition of business. First is the accounting and appraisal of the business to be acquired. If a business is to be acquired or merged, the value of that business has to be documented and established. Then you have to be assured that such acquisition would represent a benefit. Continue reading

Corporations provide a lot of protections to their owners and officers. Generally speaking, a corporation is considered a legal entity, separate from the people who own and run it. This means that if the corporation is in debt or goes bankrupt, then the assets of those who own and run it can’t be seized to pay that debt. That’s the kind of shield a corporation provides. Continue reading

When You Need a Business Lawyer

As a businessperson, making the decision to seek an attorney is similar to the way you decide to make a doctor’s appointment. For example, if you are experiencing an emergency, you would not hesitate to seek medical attention. On the other hand, if you had a simple cold, you would wait to see if you felt better before going to the doctor. Continue reading

Question: What sort of contract should you have when you’re employing a developer for equity?

Is this contract what you would give to employees other than the compensation part? What is the regular practice if a company plans to give more equity for one employee over another? If I’ve 50% equity and a contracting developer has also 50% equity, what happens if I choose to bring another member on and offer them 10% equity? Is it possible to take 5% from the developer and my equity to pay this person? Continue reading

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