When Does Your Business Need A Coachella Valley Corporate Law Firm for Advice and Legal Issues?

When You Need a Business Lawyer

As a businessperson, making the decision to seek an attorney is similar to the way you decide to make a doctor’s appointment. For example, if you are experiencing an emergency, you would not hesitate to seek medical attention. On the other hand, if you had a simple cold, you would wait to see if you felt better before going to the doctor.

Similarly, you should reach out to an attorney when you are going through a serious legal issue. Perhaps one of your customers has suffered product injuries or maybe the SEC is investigating your business for security fraud. Rest assured, the Coachella Valley business transaction law firm specializes in cases like these.

You might need a lawyer if you are starting a business, selling or purchasing a business, dissolving one or even bringing on a new high-level executive employee. There are many instances that necessitate an attorney because of the fundamental legalities of a business.

Situations when you will most likely need a lawyer

There are several instances when you will need or want to seek the advice of the Coachella Valley corporate attorneys:

1) If you would like to make “special allocations” from your business profits and losses in your LLC operating agreement or partnership agreement or perhaps you are looking to contribute appreciated property to an LLC or a partnership. You will need an experienced tax lawyer.

2) When a former employee or current employee is looking to sue one of your managers or your company for sexual harassment or discrimination.

3) If you are dealing with large environmental issues (there are major penalties for landowners due to environmental protection laws)

4) You are looking to purchase a business

Turning to the Coachella Valley corporate law firm can help protect your company from potential harm and costly mistakes.

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