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Legal agreement and arrangement issues frequently arise for business owners, especially those of you in the Coachella Valley area. During such legal problems, it is best to have it addressed by a Coachella Valley business litigation law firm. Hiring the services of a law firm would help manage legal dealings such as business litigation, insurance disputes, bad faith claims, class action suits and fraud. Continue reading

Taking legal action requires individuals to jump through hurdles, and it requires people to deal with an overwhelming bureaucratic system. As the number of small businesses increase, business owners find themselves having to deal with legal issues they would not normally encounter while employed at a larger company. The recession and downturn of the economy have created an increasing trend of upstarts as people find that starting their own business has its advantages and its freedoms. Continue reading

An employee in California can be terminated without a reason. In fact, they can be let go for any reason. This is what you call ‘at will’ employment. Unless an employee is given specified assurances stating otherwise, then all California employment is considered to be ‘at will’. The law does prevent California employers from failing to promote, demoting, or engaging in various adverse employment actions, providing their actions are motivated by any intent that is prohibited by law. Continue reading

A Coachella Valley commercial litigation attorney specializes in litigation of business partnerships. One must be a skilled trial attorney and a trusted advisor if they deal with a partnership. Bad feelings develop when trust is broken. Business litigation attorneys must use caution and sound judgment in their case analysis, their plan to reach the endgame, and their cost analysis. Continue reading

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) programs, by design permit more control for those in search of aid to addressing their problems, which can allow for a faster resolution.

Litigants who are faced with business disputes, employment law cases, commercial litigation and other civil lawsuits often prefer the ADR procedure of mediation, as compared to nonbinding arbitration. When questioned for opinions on a court trial, respondents favored judge trials over trials by jury. Knowing this preference can assist the courts when looking to increase or persuade contribution in voluntary ADR dealings. Continue reading

“Thinking outside the box” is a useful tool in winning settlements. A practitioner
needs to consider all aspects of each case, and consider the possibility that some negotiations can be resolved with methods other than financial ones. If all parties enter negotiations cooperatively, then resolutions can often be found that will both allow conflicting parties to work through disputes, and continue doing business together. In the case of a loan repayment for example, the borrower might agree to increase the amount of payments for a specified period of time so that the lender does not lose money. Continue reading

Litigation is a procedure that is becoming increasingly common for many people. An example of this would be if you received service that you deemed to be unacceptable or not up to your expectations, then you may decide to take legal action as a result. This is never truer than when the two parties involved can’t come to terms amongst themselves, and the talks cease. Continue reading

Slovak, Baron, Empey, Murphy & Pinkney, LLP is pleased to announce the addition of Katelyn Empey as a new associate attorney with the firm’s litigation department. In this position, Katelyn will be involved in assisting the firm’s diverse civil litigation practice, including cases involving employment law, contract disputes, election contests, personal injury claims and Indian property disputes. Continue reading

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