The Role of Litigation Support in Court Cases

Providing thorough reports of legal proceedings is very important. Accuracy and efficiency is a must. Those working in litigation support provide assistance to attorneys and their legal staff in order to ensure accuracy of information for trials.

What Does Litigation Support Do for Cases? 

Litigation support personnel work on all stages of court cases. The role of litigation support includes compiling and organizing reports and other legal information into a digital form, so that the information is easily accessible for future reference. 

Litigation support personnel come from various backgrounds. Many support staff have backgrounds in the legal, medical, forensic, and technology field.

Litigation Support’s Technology Experience

Working in litigation support can be very a complex job. Support staff are required keep up with the latest technology. They must know how to convert legal documents into formats that are convenient and easily accessible. They must also know how to code and transcribe files.

Other Tasks of Litigation Support

Litigation support staff work on many other tasks outside of document formatting. They also question witnesses for upcoming cases and prepare and analyze legal documents for cases.

Where to Find Litigation Support

Many law firms used to train members of their staff to handle litigation support issues. However, many firms today hire outside litigation consultants to help with litigation. Our Coachella Valley business litigation law firm can provide attorneys with the proper support needed in preparation for upcoming litigation. 

SBEMP’s Coachella Valley business litigation law firm employs experienced staff to help attorneys with any technological or legal issues in preparation for trial.

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