Part 3: 2018 Brings Changes to California’s Labor and Employment Laws – Part Three of a Three Part Series

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From the Labor & Employment Department:

2018 Brings Changes to California’s Labor and Employment Laws: Part Two of a Three Part Series

New legislation regarding labor and employment laws in California became effective on January 1, 2018. Several laws address parental leave, hiring practices, gender discrimination and harassment, wages, workplace safety and workers’ compensation. Here is a brief overview of noteworthy changes in the legislation for employers: Continue reading

Corporate law consists of the interactions between significant components of the finance industry: employees, shareholders, creditors, consumers and clients. Large corporations that consist of multiple separate legal entities must have appropriate legal representation so that the best interests of each entity remain conflict-free. Continue reading

More and more private business owners are noticing the “at will” employment approach for their business. This type of employment means that an employer does not have to give any employee an advanced notice of termination of their job, nor does the employer have to justify to the employee why they are being relieved of their duties. This law upholds the fact that employers do not have to give a good reason for termination of the employee. Continue reading

When it comes to your rights at work, whether you are an employee or an employer, meeting with the Coachella Valley employment lawyer team is a great idea. They can help you understand legal matters in your situation. Employment law entails many different guidelines and requirements. Reach out for legal advice to ensure that your rights, and the rights of others, are not infringed upon. There are many different instances when the Coachella Valley corporate attorneys can assist you: Continue reading

Question: What are the proper steps for a company to follow when tasked with informing employees of a decrease in their pay?

Answer: In this circumstance, the company’s formula for determining an annual increase in pay is based upon market share and employee tenure. The employee in question was not notified that their market share had declined before a decrease in their pay went into effect. The company’s compensation analyst claimed that the employee might have been verbally notified, but appeared uncertain of this fact. Neither the employee’s director, nor their manager stated that they were aware of the pay decrease. The Human Resources Department responded to the situation by issuing a memo to the Vice President and all directors, which included information regarding the date of the pay scale revision. Continue reading

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