Build America Investment Initiative

President Barack Obama made an announcement on the Build America Investment Initiative, which aims at increasing economic growth and infrastructure investment by bringing together state government, local government and investors from the private-sector.

This will be made possible by encouraging partnership, utilization of federal credit programs and expanding public-private partnership market. If you need a helping hand in finding more about these possibilities, contact our Coachella Valley government law firm. We’ve helped with contractors to ensure their projects match government regulations and contracts, defended government, and regularly advise as government counsel.

The White House explains that the first beneficial of this initiative will be the transport industry. The Build America Transport Investment Center (the Center) will be structured in the US Department of Transport, as a pivotal point of all private and public-sector investors who are interested in project delivery and innovative financing in transportation projects.

Jack Lew, the Secretary of the Treasury, and Antony Foxx, the Secretary of Transport, will chair The Build America Interagency Working Group (the Working Group). The work of this group will be finding solutions to barricades, which are being faced by private investors in ports and harbors, energy, water and communication industries.

Conditions for the Center

  • It must be constituted within 120 days
  • It must develop analytical tools, case studies and best practices
  • It must come up with a Web site to avail information to private and public investors

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