Transparency as a Confidence Tool for Local Government Agencies

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In order for governments to minimize the risks associated with contract failures, accountable contracting polices should be put in place. This polices also help in tracking the way contractors provide employees their living wages and benefits. It also leads to better and improved service deliveries by reducing the hidden costs associated with poor wages and benefits for the workers. To achieve responsible contracting, there should be regulations, laws and also administrative policies. Our Coachella valley government law firm can be contacted in case one requires more information on how bidding regulations work. Continue reading

Government Contracts And Contract Law

There are many reasons why someone would need to understand the Public Contracting Process. It is important to use contract law in many business and government agency cases, and Palm Springs government legal counsel will assist in many ways. Continue reading

Section 11376.5 of California Health and Safety Code is a law in California, aiming at averting deaths caused by drug overdose. The law, as explained by our Coachella Valley personal injury lawyer, in reference to the passing of the law, was made effective on January 1, 2013.

The California drug overdose Good Samaritan law encourages calling 911 or seeking medical assistance for a person in need, or yourself, with varying levels of criminal protection or civil immunity for those involved. In part, this law protects good Samaritans from being in trouble with the law if they are also under the influence of drugs when they make the call. Continue reading

Palm Springs Government legal counsel can be assuring assistance in certain situations. The civil and the criminal statutes have governed employees within the conduct of the executive branch. An administrative code of conduct helps to govern these things as well as other legal authorities. With the US Office of Government Ethics, there is no authority to offer guidance that concerns every statute restricting how employees will conduct themselves. Continue reading

The best Coachella Valley government legal counsel helps you decipher the “financial conflict of interest” laws that apply to a public official. During public service, an individual must do his utmost to consider the objective ramifications of an action or decision upon the people whom he represents. When the public decision involves an organization, business or action, which could personally directly financially affect the public official, then he or she must recuse himself. Continue reading

Realistic Concerns When Negotiating a New Contract

Before consideration for a bargaining strategy can be implemented, the employer must identify the goals of the company. A determination must be made on which is more important for the company, less restrictive language in the contract or better economic terms. The company must also decide if they have the appropriate Palm Springs business litigation law firm bargaining on their behalf. Continue reading

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