The Types of Requirements You May Face in a Personal Injury Case

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Section 11376.5 of California Health and Safety Code is a law in California, aiming at averting deaths caused by drug overdose. The law, as explained by our Coachella Valley personal injury lawyer, in reference to the passing of the law, was made effective on January 1, 2013.

The California drug overdose Good Samaritan law encourages calling 911 or seeking medical assistance for a person in need, or yourself, with varying levels of criminal protection or civil immunity for those involved. In part, this law protects good Samaritans from being in trouble with the law if they are also under the influence of drugs when they make the call. Continue reading

Reasons Personal Injury Cases Go to the High Courts

According to statistical data, close to 80% of personal injury claims settle out of court. While many are able to reach mediation in the pretrial period, there are times when personal injury cases must be heard by the High Courts. Typically these cases are the most complex; however cases where arbitration has failed and where there is a question in liability will also go to the higher courts. Continue reading

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