The Types of Requirements You May Face in a Personal Injury Case

Personal injury can occur due to the negligent actions of someone else. You can suffer physical and emotional injuries from an automobile accident, dog bite or a premise liability issue. Finding the right Coachella Valley personal injury legal counsel is critical for your best injury claim result.

Coachella Valley Personal Injury Law Firm

A law firm that specializes in personal injury claims can recover a larger reward for you. There are specific rules that apply to most personal injury claims, which are straight-forward and always used by the civil courts in California.

An injury claim that reaches this level of claim will have certain requirements. There are statutes of limitations that must be followed. These statutes require that your claim be submitted, at least to your insurance carrier, within a specific time limit. There are California rules for personal injury claims called Pure Comparative Fault Rules.

These guidelines indicate that both parties to a claim will assess an injury claim for fault. You can recover damages, but your part of the issue will reduce the amount of money that is awarded to you.

Types of Personal Injury Cases in California

An automobile accident is the more common type of personal injury claim. These are settled with your insurance carrier, for the most part. Dog bite cases are prevalent, and slip and fall premise liability claims are often filed. Your workplace accidents are settled through your Workman’s Compensation insurance carrier. You will need your claim’s legal counsel.

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